“The Music Plays On…”

  I’m not certain WHAT I know anymore… Oh, pilots know their runway; medical people know the human body; mechanics know vehicles; postal carriers know their routes; children know who their friends are; teenagers know independence; mothers and fathers know to worry; Earth knows how to spin; poverty knows it clients; illicit drugs know how to invade the human soul; roses know when to bloom; God knows our heartfelt; friends know when to call; babies know to cry and laugh; and musicians know the bringing together of the otherworldly; etc.

The etc. is because I could go on, but by now YOU know what to fill in that I’ve forgotten—of this I’m certain.

In writing this, I guess I do have a second thing of which I’m certain: Humankind is a changeling that will reach the New World—and, all-the-while the music plays on…!

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