Haiti – A Year Later

January 12, 2011 – Haiti – A Year Later

In the past year I’ve asked friends and family: “What happened to the money and commitments we—those around the world—gifted to the PEOPLES of Haiti?” No one seems to know. (It is being reported that eighty-five percent of American households contributed.)

The media hasn’t clarified, for me, the matter of “…where did that money go; exactly?” They do show-and-tell that there is little physical change in Haiti since the devastating earthquake. They also allude to, and sometimes report on, the deepest innate conditions in Haiti. These include: violence; disease; sanitation; clean water; disillusionment; deepening corruption; pollution of the oceans; gangs, and an absent government. There is also the original loss of over 300,000 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Sad really, because we never will know if one of these, maybe many of these, might have someday lifted Haiti out of its morass. It is always potential that suffers most after a catastrophe. It isn’t just Haiti’s potential I refer to here. It is that of our world—whether we watch from afar or live in the midst of the disorder.

Lost Potential: This is what concerns me the most. I’m old enough to have knowledge of how ruin: be it governments, leaders, moguls, wars, mobs, banks, media, greed, performers, stock markets, religious leaders, neighbors, friends and family shape the future of hatred, mistrust and intolerance in our world. And, yes, I know about the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), the Red Cross, engineers, doctors, nurses, countries, good-intention seekers, etc. that persist in placing a titanic Band-Aid(e) atop the ruble in Haiti left by Mother Nature (who shows no prejudice in her outpouring).

There are those who say Haiti was in trouble before the earthquake. I say, aren’t we all! I believe the shockwaves from the initial Haitian quake will persist. The danger is these tremors cannot be recorded on any man-made seismometer. They will be recorded in the future of mankind!